Minor Demat Account

Open a Minor Demat Account

A minor’s demat account will be operated by the natural guardian till the minor becomes a major. Natural guardian refers to a child’s mother or father (biological/adopted) who has the legal right to make certain decisions for a minor child.

Only Physical Applications: At present, you need to complete the application process via offline mode only. Hence all your documentation will have to be submitted in print format only. However, once the account is activated, you can continue to enjoy all the online features offered by Mindex.

Download & Fill the Application form

Important Points to Remember during application:

Signature: All signatures in the application must be that of the guardian only. The guardian needs to sign the application on behalf of the minor. This includes self-attestation of all the documents as well as the endorsement under the minor’s photograph.
Photographs: As a KYC requirement photographs of both the Minor as well as the Guardian will be required
Dual KYC: Minor’s details need to be filled out on the 1st page of the KRA form. The guardian needs to sign under the Minor’s photograph on this page
Guardian’s details need to be filled on the 2nd page of the KRA form

When the Minor reaches 18 years of age
Once the minor reaches 18 years of age, the minor will need to raise a request with Mindex to convert the demat account into a normal (major’s) demat account.

Required Documents:
Pan Card – Both (minor & guardian)
Address Proof – Both (minor & guardian)
Bank Cheque/Statement – Minor
Photographs – Both (minor & guardian)